We incorporate the latest innovations in the field, which allow us to continuously feed our knowledge bases:

  • Validation and linking of interesting entities and events.
  • Automatic catalogue, identification and enrichment of threats, adversaries, capabilities and infrastructures.
  • Adversary infrastructures detection and analysis, e.g. disinformation infrastructures, cybercrime services, bullet-proof-hosting, botnets, command and control systems (C&C), etc.
  • Unstructured information analysis and extraction of multi-domain knowledge.

Technological platform

Supported by our technology platform based on a secure, fault-tolerant, vendor-neutral hybrid tool architecture, and optimized for:

  • Continuous massive information ingestion
  • Entities and knowledge based extraction in associated domains
  • Different machine learning tools execution and statistical analysis, which increase automation and predictive estimation capabilities
  • Allowance the (continuous) integration of the latest infrastructure technologies and ad-hoc applications for information collection, processing, analysis, visualization & storage
  • New sources (open & private) rapid integration and storage mechanisms to the data warehouse, in hours / days