image header coronavirus report

The purpose of this special report is to reflect as objectively as possible the information published in multiple open and verifiable sources, related to the COVID-19 pandemic and especially on the disinformation actions that has been developing around it in recent months.

In the first part, a detailed chronological description of the pandemic, its socio-economic consequences, as well as the potential beneficiaries and disadvantaged of it, is made.

The second part introduces the key questions related to the so-called "disinformation war", that accompanies the pandemic and that can have serious consequences in the medium and long term. Finally, in the last chapter, the own analysis carried out on the thousands of false news that have been published these days around COVID-19 and that have been collected by the Poynter Institute / IFCN

Published by CYRITY in April 2020 under license
Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC-SA